Indigenous Savanna Fire Management Projects

The Aboriginal Carbon Fund provides an overview of Indigenous savanna fire management projects registered under the Emissions Reduction Fund, as well as those operating outside the fund. As of January 2016 there are in total 17 savanna projects with significant involvement of local Indigenous Traditional Owners through control, ownership or participation.

As of 23 November 2015, there were 55 savanna projects registered by Australia’s Clean Energy Regulator. The Regulator has contracted 7.1 million tonnes of CO2-e from savanna projects. Of these, 11 are Indigenous led savanna projects.  To date,  1.1 million credits have been generated by Indigenous savanna fire management projects across the north of Australia.

The projects operate over a range of land tenure types, across three jurisdictions. They vary also in a range of contextual factors, including traditional owner groups involved, source of initial or ongoing funding, land size, duration of operation, fire management operations, governance and management arrangements. Together, the projects offer a wealth of experience relevant to those interested in indigenous led savanna fire management both in Australia and around the world.

For further information and resources on each project, follow the links below, with projects arranged by jurisdiction, courtesy of the Aboriginal Carbon Fund.

Indigenous ERF Savanna Projects

Map Courtesy Aboriginal Carbon Fund 2015.

The Northern Territory
Western Australia