Results of the Project Cerrado Jalapão – Regional Seminar in Tocantins, Brazil

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  • DATE / TIME:
    2016•11•22 - 2016•11•23
    Gurupi, Brazil

    The regional seminar on Integrated Fire Management, to be held at the University of Tocantins (UFT), Brazil, will present on the results and lessons learnt of the Cerrado Jalapao Project administered by GIZ Brazil.

    Experiences over the last four years in developing an understanding of IFM and its implications for the management of protected areas and surrounding community livelihoods in the Cerrado, will be presented and discussed. The seminar will include a variety of presenters such as protected area managers from state and federal national parks, experts on remote sensing of mapping fire and forests from INPE, representatives of districts, rural agriculture sector, NGOs and communities.

    Various international experts will augment the discussions with contributions and insights into the world of IFM and related science.

    The main objectives of the seminar are:

    1. To present on the results of the Project Cerrado Jalapão in the various thematic areas of integrated fire management, the different use of fire considering the territory of action.
    2. To promote the exchange of national and international experiences on integrated and community based fire management in order to improve national and regional strategies.

    Specific outputs of the Seminar will be:

    1. Expansion and sharing of the conceptual and practical insight about Integrated Fire Management.
    2. Evaluation of the progress, limitations and gaps for the application of IFM in Tocantins with the contribution of international experts towards policy development on IFM.

    For further details about the Project Cerrado Jalapão and the upcoming seminar contact Anja Hoffman at The agenda is available as a related file.


  • agenda-regional-seminar-english-31-10-2016

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  • Gurupi, Brazil