Gleb Raygorodetsky

Gleb Raygorodetsky was an Adjunct Research Fellow with the Traditional Knowledge Initiative of the UNU Institute of Advanced Studies and a Research Affiliate with the POLIS Project on Ecological Governance at the Centre for Global Studies, University of Victoria. Born and raised in a coastal village in Kamchatka, Russia, Gleb is a conservation biologist with expertise in resource co-management and traditional knowledge systems. He has lived and worked with the Evèn reindeer herders, the Aleut fur seal hunters, the Caboclos pirarucu fishermen and the Gwich’in caribou hunters. For his PhD, he looked at the resilience of social-ecological systems after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the Russian Far East, by researching furbearer use and conservation in Kamchatka. Between 2006-2010 he led the development of a new global grant-making strategy for the Christensen Fund on biocultural diversity and resilience. Gleb has contributed to such magazines as Cultural Survival, Wildlife Conservation, and National Geographic, writing about climate change, traditional knowledge, and Indigenous peoples.